70’s Trivia

70’s trivia!

For those who were not around to be a part of the soul music world during the 70’s check out the stage wear of that era!

The photo was taken 1972 during a southern road tour at a club I performed at in Orlando, Florida.

We carried a seamstress on the road and she was very talented at designing and sewing handmade custom stage clothes for the band. Depending on what music you performed there was a stage wardrobe associated with the genre especially if you were a soul singer! Being a soul singing front man my wardrobe was very similar to artist I admired like James Brown & Rufus Thomas. Below are photos of what the soul performers were wearing on stage in the early seventies.

This suit was one of my favorite, a hot yellow with gold satin trim and a very unique button pattern.

The photo of the band below shows the entire band in custom designed stage clothes!



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