Sound Garden Blues Corner Album Review – Mojo by Al Corte

The 6th of October last year, the Corte released a “Mojo” album, promoted by Blind Raccoon worldwide . Just thanks to Betsie Brown and her promotional house in my hands came this album.

Listening to who knows what time this album, I come to the conclusion that somewhere in the middle of me begins to grow stronger and stronger to keep my blues feeling. It is difficult to explain what is happening, but this album is a great indication that a good fusion of different musical styles can easily lead the listener to different directions of enjoyment and how they can inspire and inspire different aspects of the listener and his musical affinities.

The absolutely impressive combination of the soul and blues stacks brings us into the gospelized atmosphere, which only lasts for seconds in a second, becomes more and more intense and begins to master everyone who is releasing music from this album.

A great team of musicians has recorded this album and has not given anything to manage it, which will cause such a pronounced quality of their final product. This is really a particularly delightful one, so that “feeling” is actually preserved, and ultimately this is actually a potion of that complete musical ambience.

The album is, of course, dominated by Al’s impressive vocals, which so subtle, very personal and inspired, each composition. Funk, soul, gospel, blues strongly define the whole album in a very effective way!

The song “Mojo” and “Juke Joint Jive”, “Blessed to Have You Near”, “Touch” and “I’ll Never Lose My Love For The Blues” are personally somehow crucial to this story and I have a feeling as if everything else had just been matched, upgraded and eventually delivered all of these 12 recordings.

Here are the complete teams:
Al Corte ‘(vocals, bandits, cow bells, tambourines, Touch Shaker)
“The High Rhythm Section”
Leroy “Flick” Hodges, Jr. (bass)
Michael Toles (guitar)
Rev. Charles Hodges, Sr. (B3 organ)
Steve Potts (drums)

Brad Webb (Slide guitar)
John Nemeth (lipstick)
Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell (Grand Piano and Synthesizer)
Rev. Charles Hodges, Sr. (Grand Piano)
Ron Miller (Wurlitzer piano, violin, guitar, Grand Piano)
Royal Singers: Candice Rayburn, Sharisse Norman, Stefanie Bolton
Royal Horns:
Jim Spake (tenor saxophone)
Kirk Smothers (baritone saxophone)
Lannie “The Party” McMillan, Jr. (tenor saxophone)
Marc Franklin (trumpet and horn)

Royal Strings:
Jennifer Puckett (violet)
Jessie Munson (violin)
Jonathan Kirkscey (Cello)
Wen Yi Yu (violin)
Special Guests: The Tennessee Mass Choir in “Blessed to Have You Near”.

If you are listening or listening to them, you will know why I’ve just told them all. Simply, people deserve to be told and everyone knows who plays such a sincere, peculiar and quality music story. The Court is certainly a great master of this true celebration of music as he has called me.

all of you who love good music, make sure to get to this album. After the first cue you will not know what happened to you. “Mojo” is a collection of 12 distinctive pieces that will leave you with no text, with its structure, arrangement, backdrop of organ, back vocals, puffing shares, irresistible rhythm, brilliant guitar passions and solo parts. Above all or above all, there is Ala Corps vocalist who has “something”, there is a weird vibe just for what we are listening to! Go down, masterminds!

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Song List:

My first / 3: 13
2. Love Thang / 3: 12
third Memphis Moon / 3: 11
4.’ll Never Lose My Love For The Blues / 2: 59
5th Juke Joint Jive / 3.26
6th Blessed This Have You Near / 3: 04
7. It’s A Good Day / 3: 51
8. I’m Ready / 4: 08
9. What You Hold / 3: 22
10. We Are Just A Boy And A Girl / 55
11.Touch / 4: 18
12. You Hurt Me So Good / 3: 22

Blind Raccoon )

Yours bluesy, 
Mladen Loncar – Mike


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