Touching Fan Letter From Great Britain

After I retired from stage in 1992 I never really had any desire to return to singing. I was driven to explore all facets of the business and worked as a producer/director. Now in my later years I am back at it. I really have no idea as to why I am singing again it happened so fast it’s like I’m in a time warp. For whatever the reasons maybe it’s fate but I’m back and I have committed to singing again. This time not just as a live performer but now as a recording artist. My music is now heard worldwide on various media platforms and I receive mail from fans of all ages from different countries. I always read and respond to my fans letters actually the best reward for an artist is hearing from his fans. After reading this letter from my good buddy Jakeh I believe I have discovered one very good reason why I’m singing again! – Al Corté

Dear Mr. Al Corté

Hello, I hope you are well?

My name is Jakeh (pronounced Jake) & I am 14 years old. Since childhood I have suffered from OCD and Autism which means I can’t cook, clean and wash plus I find making hanging out with my peers very hard and as a result don’t have any friends but music has always soothed my problems.

I am a enormous fan of your music & I think you have a outstanding, sensational & distinctive voice. I always enjoy hearing your music on The Blues Show with Paul Jones on BBC Radio 2.

I adore all your songs but my favourites are You Hurt Me So Good, It’s a Good Day, I’ll Never Lose My Love For The Blues, We’re Just A Boy And A Girl, Blessed To Have You Here, Juke Joint Jive, What You Hold, Memphis Moon, Love Thang, I’m Ready and What You Hold.

Those are my favourite songs because they have timeless & fantastic lyrics & melodies, you can always sing and dance to them and they always make me happy and relaxed whenever I hear them. I would be very interested to know if you have a favourite song among those listed and why do you like it?

I hope you continue to release many more albums and singles as I think you’re a brilliant singer and what I also love about you is that you’re not a manufactured singer and people of all ages can listen to your music and you sing and write from the heart and I hope you continue to have more albums and chart success in the future.

You are a brilliant singer & composer and I’d really appreciate it if you could please send me a personalized signed picture of your self as I would love to add it to my autograph collection.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter, it’s much appreciated.



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