Q&A with veteran powerhouse vocalist Corte’ – universal sound and songbook with a wide template of music

“I have found that of all the different music genre’s the Blues R&B and Soul music is the music that bridges the gap between all people. It is the expression of feelings in the music that brings people together.”

Corte’: Got My Mojo Workin’ 

As a young boy attending elementary school (Al) Corte’ sang lead alto in his church choir. His dad was a hobby honky tonk singer, his uncle Mike was a night-club singer and his uncle Raymond was a professional opera singer. Uncle Raymond, upon hearing Al’s natural talent, arranged Bel Canto singing lessons by his own personal vocal coach from the Julliard School of music. The vocal coaching educated Al on the mechanics of vocalization giving him the ability to sing properly with power and tone. But Corte’ was into soulful blues and rock ‘n’ roll music more than opera. So Al took his training and applied it  into the music he loves. As a teenager Al sang acapella with his high school buddies in the alley behind the five & dime store at the shopping plaza practicing “Doo Wop.”

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